Blue Moon

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Blue Moon, watercolor painting by Amy Crook

Blue Moon by Amy Crook

I chose soft blue pen and ink to pair with a rich, deep blue background, and then added salt in two different ways for texture. The brightest stars are the now-familiar salt pools, and there’s a scattering of dimmer ones formed by salt sprinkled onto the damp watercolor paint and brushed off once it dried. It was still too stark for me, so I went and found my tiny dot-card sample of interference blue and added haloes of half-there light around each salt pool and the moon, too, which you can barely see in the above scan, and better down in the detail shots below.

Blue Moon, 7″x5″ salt, pen & ink, watercolor and iridescent watercolor on paper, nfs (sold).

Blue Moon, detail 1, by Amy Crook

Blue Moon, detail 1, by Amy Crook

Above you can see three of the salt pools up close and personal, light glinting off their facets and a faint shadow of the interference blue. Below, the shimmer’s caught the light and you can see the brushed haloes around each large object, as well as the little starbursts of texture in the background of the deep blue sky.

Blue Moon, detail 2, by Amy Crook

Blue Moon, detail 2, by Amy Crook

And of course I took a photo of it framed, once I had it all ready for the show. In the sunlight, the background looks less black, though it’s still velvety-matte against the shimmering, sparkling stars and moon.

Blue Moon, framed watercolor by Amy Crook

Blue Moon, framed watercolor by Amy Crook

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