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Friday, March 8th, 2013

Instagram Food by Amy Crook, $79

Instagram Food by Amy Crook, $79

After I made my little Instagram Valentine, I wanted to make another card that had that same soft, abstract feeling and expressed a bit of what I love about the service. This time, though, I went for a more “missing you” approach, so instead of a person we get one of the other most-Instagrammed things — food! I painted it in warm yellows, oranges and browns with just a touch of green, to give the feeling of a filtered picture, and put it in a distressed photo “frame” as well.

Instagram Food, 5″x5″ pen & ink and Japanese Watercolor on paper, $79 with free shipping for the original.

The card says, “I like seeing your food on Instagram, but I’d rather see your face in person,” with the words framing the art.

Instagram Food greeting card by Amy Crook

Instagram Food greeting card by Amy Crook

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