Umbrella Time!

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Spring is here! Time for some awesome art umbrellas to keep you dry.

Umbrellas with art by Amy Crook

Pre-Sale Details

  • Pay now and get an email with your shipping info & tracking number in a few weeks.
  • The art is mine, and the umbrellas are made in China and drop-shipped straight to your front door, probably by some variation on USPS or FedEx.
  • Unless you tell me otherwise, I will use the info Paypal gives me when you buy, both email address and mailing address. Remember, PO Box users, FedEx doesn’t love you!
  • There are two sizes! The big 45″ wide, 36″ long hook handle umbrella is $60. The smaller 41″ size that folds down to 9″ is $40. There is a fancy drop-down to choose which you want.
  • Shipping is free! If you live in CA, there will be sales tax.
  • There are three designs! Pictured above are Lost Arcadia (top left) and the Tentacles (bottom right). You can see Rainy City below.
  • Pre-sale ends April 3 – don’t be late!
  • Questions? Email me!


large Rainy City Umbrella, art by Amy Crook

Rainy City Umbrella, large

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