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Best of 2015: 13 Artist’s Picks

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Artist's Choice: Best of 2015 from Amy Crook

It’s the most reflective time of the year, when we all think back on what was shiny and good in the previous year. Since I enjoyed the post so much last year, I thought I’d once again choose a baker’s dozen of favorites, first month by month and finally one art to rule them all. Or something.


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Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Notebooks are finally available in my Etsy shop!

Notebooks are finally available in my Etsy shop!

The stats are as follows:

  • 8 designs to choose from at $10 each or 2/$17
  • Notebook contains 24 blank pages
  • Each 4.25″x5.5″ notebook is made to order by hand
  • Cover is printed on Wasau natural parchment card stock
  • Inner pages are 25% cotton Southworth paper
  • Notebooks are saddle stitched with 2 staples

Take a look at all my notebooks and choose the ones you love the most!

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Consulting Magic short stories

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Untrue Love by Amy CrookUntrue Love is a short story about murder, magic, and our very own Alex Benedict as a 20-year-old university student.

If you’ve read and enjoyed my other Consulting Magic books, you’ll be delighted to see Alex meeting Lapointe for the first time and trying not to drive her off with his personality before they can solve a murder. There’s magic and food and mystery, all wrapped up in one little bite.

If you’ve not read them, this is a good place to start! You can figure out if you’re interested in the world and the people, long before the romance starts in The Courtship of Julian St. Albans.

Alex Benedict is a student of magic in his third year at Hartbridge University with no clear direction for his studies. That is, until he puts himself in the middle of a criminal investigation by literally stepping in it.

This is the story of Alex’s first case with Agent Murielle Lapointe, and while it’s lacking in romance, it’s a delightful look into grumpy young Alex and what he got up to before he was a professional consultant.

Rosemary for the Holidays by Amy CrookAfter you’ve read The Apprenticeship of Julian St. Albans, you can get a little taste of the holidays that follow! This cheerful little story shows Alex and Julian holding an actual holiday part, where friends and family drop by, and they end up filling their home with magic, love, and wonder.

Rosemary for the Holidays is definitely a sequel to the first two books, a quick treat if you’ve finished both books and still want another taste of our boys. Not to mention a visit with Horace, the flower fairy, the brownies, and the rest!

Julian St. Albans and Alex Benedict celebrate the Solstice with a visit to the wish tree, and a holiday party at their flat. A little holiday gift to the readers of my Consulting Magic series!

This story comes after the events in the second book, The Apprenticeship of Julian St. Albans.

I’ll be writing away on the third book during NaNoWriMo, so enjoy these little nibbles while I’m figuring out what’s next for Alex, Julian, Horace, and the rest of them!

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Unboxed Giveaway

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Unboxed by Amy Crook

Yesterday was Frodo & Bilbo Baggins’ birthday, and mine as well!* To celebrate, I’m giving away a signed copy of my latest novel on Goodreads — check it out! Entries close midnight on September 30th.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Unboxed by Amy Crook


by Amy Crook

Giveaway ends September 30, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

*And Tom Felton, but he’s not really relevant.

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Monday, September 21st, 2015

quick paint sketch of a hummingbird by Amy Crook, livepainted on Periscope

quick paint sketch of a hummingbird by Amy Crook, livepainted on Periscope

What’s Periscope, you might ask?

  • Periscope is an app (owned by Twitter) that lets you make live videos with your phone.
  • Periscope videos (or scopes) last 24 hours before they vanish forever.
  • I have Periscope set to tweet when I’m on live.
  • You can watch on the app or on the web, including the replay (for as long as it lasts).
  • You don’t have to make videos to have an account and watch them.
  • You can text chat to the person making the video, share the video on Twitter, and give them “hearts” by tapping on the screen during the live feed.
  • Yes, it’s yet another form of social media.
  • Kind of like Youtube and Snapchat had a baby and sold it to Twitter.
  • But I actually really like it.
  • My username is, predictably, amysnotdeadyet.

I’m using it to make art! Or, well, to let you watch me make art. I painted the little hummingbird sketch above live on Periscope the other day, and below there’s two more things that owe their lives to me wanting to draw something on Periscope.

Eames & Arthur bookmarks by Amy Crook

Eames & Arthur bookmarks by Amy Crook

Well, actually Eames and Arthur (above) owe their existence in part to Periscope, and in part to wanting to work on their character design for a commission. But the merdude below was one of my first Periscope experiments!

Merdude watercolor sketch by Amy Crook on Periscope

Merdude watercolor sketch by Amy Crook on Periscope

You can see at the top of the page I wrote, “Hi! I can’t see you chat,” because when I’m drawing or painting the phone is up over my shoulder and, like everything on Periscope, the chats are ephemeral and disappear before I can go looking.

I’m amysnotdeadyet on Periscope — come say hi!

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How to Support Your Artist

Monday, August 17th, 2015

You like my art and you want to support me, but you’re not sure how, especially if you don’t have a lot of cash to spread around. Here’s a bunch of ways to lend a hand, and help me keep making the art that you love (and feeding my cats, whom you presumably also love):

Stars bookmark by Amy Crook

  • Share: Tweet! Facebook! Email! Share my art, my posts, my shop links and all the ways to find me with the people who think you’re the cat’s meow. Cost: Free!
  • Join my List: If you want to know when there’s special things for sale, like original art bookmarks and printed umbrellas, this is the place to be. Cost: Free!
  • Patreon: You can support me like an old-fashioned patron of the arts with a monthly donation of whatever size your budget can support. You’ll get something in return, whether it’s sneak peeks, sketches, or my undying gratitude. Cost: $1+
  • Fiction: I write stories! If sweet gay romances and magic are your thing, then you can get my books on Amazon. Even if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, I still get paid when you read! Cost: $1+
  • Spoonflower: Fabric! If you’re a quilter, sewing maven, or just want swatches of fabric to fondle, you can buy stuff from my shop here and I get a wee percentage. Cost: $5+
  • Society6: Swag! Mugs, blankets, and other surprisingly high-quality stuff for your home & tech, you can buy stuff from my shop here and I get a wee percentage. Cost: $6+
  • Etsy: Buy cards, bookmarks, and other stationery that I make with my own two hot little hands. I take my art, mostly the comics, and print right here at home in order to send you nifty swag to keep or share. Cost: $6+
  • Buy Original Art: This is the top tier of awesomeness. You can set up a payment plan or just drop it all at once and get instant gratification. The Floating Gallery runs once a month, so stop in and see what calls to you. Cost: $29+ for comics, $199+ for paintings
  • Commission Art: Not finding quite what you want? You can commission some art! From simple fan art to elaborate fine art, you can have what you want. I can even create original illustrations for your business, if that’s what you need. Cost: $15+ for comics, $250+ for paintings

City bookmark by Amy Crook

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It’s a new novel!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Unboxed by Amy Crook on AmazonI wrote another novel! I guess that shouldn’t seem so amazing after the third time, but it really still does, to me. It’s available on Amazon as either a Kindle ebook, or a real, physical book.

Unboxed is a gay romance with a magical realism twist. Immerse yourself in a whole new world with two kinds of magic: the box and key system that matches up soulmates, and the single, small magical talent that every person’s born with. The shenanigans involve both kinds of magic and our previously boring heroes being dragged into the plot quite without their consent.

I designed an elegantly simple cover this time around with subtle woodgrain to gorgeous golden filigree. You know I love the spirals.

You can go buy the whole thing on Amazon, or read a little sample here.

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