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Hanging Small Art

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

6 paintings by Amy Crook

6 paintings arranged in a complementary grouping

If you’re ever looking at small pieces of original art, or small art prints, and wondering what one does with such a tiny thing when one has a giant wall to fill, here’s one suggestion! Get a bunch of similar-but-not-exactly-the-same frames. Get a bunch of art that complements each other or contrasts interestingly. Finally, mess around with the arrangement on the floor before you hang it.

You can put a lot of one person’s work in a single space that way, or a little bit of a lot of artists. You can keep to a color scheme or go with whatever you love. You can have simple black or white frames, or beautiful ornate gold ones like a Victorian parlor. Go with whatever you love, but don’t let small beauties go unloved because they don’t fill the spot above your mantel!

And in case you were wondering about the accidental inspiration for last month’s lovely palette of greys and peaches and warm earthy tones, it was another small beauty: Belladonna.

Inspirational Belladonna

Inspirational Belladonna

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Best of 2015: 13 Artist’s Picks

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Artist's Choice: Best of 2015 from Amy Crook

It’s the most reflective time of the year, when we all think back on what was shiny and good in the previous year. Since I enjoyed the post so much last year, I thought I’d once again choose a baker’s dozen of favorites, first month by month and finally one art to rule them all. Or something.


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How to Support Your Artist

Monday, August 17th, 2015

You like my art and you want to support me, but you’re not sure how, especially if you don’t have a lot of cash to spread around. Here’s a bunch of ways to lend a hand, and help me keep making the art that you love (and feeding my cats, whom you presumably also love):

Stars bookmark by Amy Crook

  • Share: Tweet! Facebook! Email! Share my art, my posts, my shop links and all the ways to find me with the people who think you’re the cat’s meow. Cost: Free!
  • Join my List: If you want to know when there’s special things for sale, like original art bookmarks and printed umbrellas, this is the place to be. Cost: Free!
  • Patreon: You can support me like an old-fashioned patron of the arts with a monthly donation of whatever size your budget can support. You’ll get something in return, whether it’s sneak peeks, sketches, or my undying gratitude. Cost: $1+
  • Fiction: I write stories! If sweet gay romances and magic are your thing, then you can get my books on Amazon. Even if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, I still get paid when you read! Cost: $1+
  • Spoonflower: Fabric! If you’re a quilter, sewing maven, or just want swatches of fabric to fondle, you can buy stuff from my shop here and I get a wee percentage. Cost: $5+
  • Society6: Swag! Mugs, blankets, and other surprisingly high-quality stuff for your home & tech, you can buy stuff from my shop here and I get a wee percentage. Cost: $6+
  • Etsy: Buy cards, bookmarks, and other stationery that I make with my own two hot little hands. I take my art, mostly the comics, and print right here at home in order to send you nifty swag to keep or share. Cost: $6+
  • Buy Original Art: This is the top tier of awesomeness. You can set up a payment plan or just drop it all at once and get instant gratification. The Floating Gallery runs once a month, so stop in and see what calls to you. Cost: $199+
  • Commission Art: Not finding quite what you want? When the queue is open, you can commission some art! From simple fan art to elaborate fine art, you can have what you want. I can even create original illustrations for your business, if that’s what you need. Cost: $45+ for comics, $250+ for paintings

City bookmark by Amy Crook

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A Baker’s Dozen: My Favorite Art of 2014

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Artist's Choice: Best of 2014 from Amy Crook

I know the time for all those “best of, most of” posts has mostly passed, but it’s the 13th and I couldn’t resist the chance to share with you my favorites* of 2014, month by month. Some of them have sold and some haven’t, and at least one of them is displayed in my studio, but they were all the art I was most proud of from this year.

*I’m only choosing paintings and not comics for this, because reasons.

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Goodies for my List

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

As many of you know, I have a little email list. It’s self-selected into 3 segments, plus the few oddballs who don’t choose anything and only get the Floating Gallery announcements.

There’s Art Patrons, who get a little bit more of a preview on what I’m working on than the rest of you, as well as a few days to sneak in and snipe the art before the Gallery opens each month. There’s the Etsy Customers, who get heads-up emails about new Etsy stuff, as well as the occasional special sale. There’s the Art Blog subscribers, who get the blog posts in their email. You can be any or all of them, if you like.

Now with extra swag!

There’s two new things for my list people:

  • New subscribers will get five little emails that introduce you to my art & obsessive personality
  • Everyone gets a free printable pdf that’s got bookmarks, a coloring page, and a bit of calligraphy

If you’re already on the list, I sent you a link to the printable in your email yesterday. Go look!

It’s pretty nifty, if I do say so myself. So join my list, and be one of us!

That Thing You Love, original, by Amy Crook

That Thing You Love, aka the calligraphy in the pdf, original art by Amy Crook

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I <3 Payment Plans

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Purple Mist, abstract art by Amy Crook

No, really, I do. Layaway, payment plans, installments agreements, whatever you want to call it, I love them to bits. They help buyers who want art but don’t have all the pennies in their budget today, and they help me.

As a working artist, money coming in at regular intervals is a really nice thing to have. It’s always good to know my boba tea budget is covered! Instant gratification aside, that commitment tells me you love my art enough to give it a good home. It’s like the extra little bit of love you show when you’re willing to wait for your new kitten to get fixed before it comes to its forever home.

Okay, really I just wanted you to think art = kittens for a minute.

You might be wondering, how does one set up a payment plan with an artist such as yourself? Well, it’s really simple: just ask me.

Answers, We Has ThemWood Elf by Amy Crook

  • I offer 3 payment plans, $25, $50 or $100/month. Even the lowest one is enough to get one piece of art paid off within a year.
  • I’ll keep track of it in a shared Google Spreadsheet, so you can always see where you are in your payments and how much there is to go.
  • I don’t charge any interest, but you won’t get your art until after you’ve sent the last payment.
  • Your painting or drawing will be marked sold as soon as we come to an agreement, so you don’t have to worry someone else will swipe it while you’re paying.
  • You can pay with Paypal, checks, or meeting up for coffee & handing me cash, whatever works. Well, okay, you can only do the last one if you’re local to the SF Bay Area (hi!). I can even set up a Paypal Subscription Payment that’ll charge you automagically.
  • You can always double up if you get a windfall and get your art faster, or rearrange if you come to a tight spot. If you have to miss a payment for whatever reason, it’s cool, we’ll just pick it back up next time.

Three Crows by Amy Crook
Agree With Me?

If you’ve fallen in love with something in the Floating Gallery and want to take it home with you, send me an email! We’ll work out an agreement to make that possible.

Got more questions? You can ask them here, or drop me a line. I’m always happy to chat.

Maleficent, abstract art by Amy Crook

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The Floating Gallery: How to Buy my Art

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

The Floating Gallery by Amy Crook

So what is a Floating Gallery, you ask?

Well, Dear Reader, it’s an itinerant art show of a sort, a virtual pop-up shop of strange surprises. Bimonthly for barely more than a week, the gallery floats in and sets up, offering an assortment of art originals both rare and strange.

  • The Floating Gallery is open from the 1st through 8th of every even month, approximately midnight to midnight Pacific time.
  • Original artwork will be displayed in the Floating Gallery for those 8 days only, and each piece is one of a kind. Once the Gallery floats away, those pieces will not be for sale again.
  • My Art Patron’s List gets a few days before the 1st to sneak in and get a preview of the Gallery, and buy before the general public sees it.
  • You can buy art from the Floating Gallery either by using the buy buttons on the page, or arranging a payment plan with me, but you have to decide before the 8th.
  • You’ll see the little airship in the sidebar to the right if the Floating Gallery is open. Just click on it to go view the show!
  • Other than commissions, this is the only way to buy my original art if you want to take a piece home. If you’re new and want to see what sort of art I make, check out my Portfolio of recent works.

Questions? Email me! I’m always happy to talk to my Dear Readers and Future Patrons.

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