Friday, May 31st, 2013

Harvest by Amy Crook

Harvest by Amy Crook

I did all of the inking for this in one very long afternoon, resulting in many aches & pains and a warm feeling of accomplishment. I left it for a few days, considering whether to watercolor in the moon and a bit of color on the figure, but in the end I decided I liked it best just as it is. I even did a little watercolor study on a bookmarklet to see how the paper took the paint.

I really like the contrasting textures in this, from the orderly crosshatching on the ground to the scribbled tree bark, the dense pattern of spirals in the sky and the pen shading on the figure suggesting rough cloth. And the dramatic air of mystery about it, who is the figure and is it even a person, hanging there backlit by the huge harvest moon.

Harvest, 6″x4″ Micron pen on archival inkjet paper.

Harvest, detail, by Amy Crook

Harvest, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see some of the different textures, along with a USB cable for size reference. I used my set of Micron pens to get a range of line widths, but even the thickest lines are quite fine. Below, you can see it in a small frame with my iPhone and the little color study, though I think if I was to frame it for permanent display I’d put it on a mat with photo corners so the edges of the image aren’t obscured by the frame.

Harvest, framed art by Amy Crook, photographed with watercolor study

Harvest, framed art by Amy Crook photographed with watercolor study

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