About the Artist

Artist Me by Amy Crook

My name’s Amy Crook. I’m an artist, designer, and writer, and that’s what puts tea in my Piglet mug.* I live in the SF East Bay with two cats, a roommate, and more tentacle pillows than you’d expect. I’m a dilettante geek and non-practicing goth — I love in-jokes and things with skulls on them, I tend not to go too deep into most geeky pursuits, and I rarely dress goth (though I do use my custom-made parasol to ward off the sun). I take my tea with cream & sugar, my gin with sweet vermouth, and I hate it when the trees try to have sex in my sinuses.**

I paint abstracts because there is no right or wrong way to do it, so I create my own rules with each piece I make. I’ve begun to work in series more, to better explore the techniques and subjects through repetition and variation. I love to explore the edges of things, such as horizons, maps, and skylines, and to poke at the places where two seemingly disparate ideas meet. I’m an unabashed fangirl, and you’ll see fan art comics and sneaky little fannish references throughout my work. Also, I love spirals and shiny things.***

I don’t think that every person has to appreciate every kind of art, especially modern art. There are some pieces that you connect with, find beautiful, or just appreciate that have nothing to do with some underlying message from the artist’s spirit guide or whatever. If a piece resonates with you as the viewer, then it doesn’t matter what I meant for it to be. I don’t want to lead you to the conclusion — have your own thoughts, good or bad. It’s okay, it won’t hurt.

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So why Antemortem? Well, my tiny design biz is called Not Dead Yet Studios (a la Monty Python and the Holy Grail), and I wanted to stay with the theme. At first I thought maybe perimortem (immediately prior to death, thank CSI for that one), but finally decided on antemortem.

*And no, that’s not a euphemism.
**That’s only sort of a euphemism. Ugh, pollen.
***So glitter. Much sparkle. Wow.
City of Lights by Amy Crook