Policies About Stuff

This is my little page of things you might be wondering about and feel awkward asking.

image of bats flying across a full harvest moon, watercolor by Amy CrookShipping

First class shipping is usually free, and I reserve the right to upgrade you without asking.

Shipping times will vary widely based on where you live and what your postal service is like.

If you have special shipping needs, then I’m happy to let you cover the cost to use whatever method suits your fancy.


Framing is not included. Many of my works are in standard, easy-to-frame sizes, and I’m sure your local non-bigoted art store is happy to help with custom framing.

abstract art by Amy CrookMoney & Payment Plans

I take most payments via Paypal. If you prefer, I can take check or money order and your art will ship after your payment clears.

I am always happy to work out a payment plan that gets art you love into your life. Most payment plans are either $25, $50 or $100 per month. These amounts should let you get most pieces of art within a year, and often in just a few months.

Payment plans benefit me as an artist because they provide a reliable income for those months, so never hesitate to ask me for one.

If you do want to do a payment plan, I’ll mark the piece as sold and set it aside to ship when your final payment has cleared. Just email me to set it up!

six crows, a bare tree, and a figure in the fog, art by Amy CrookColor & Size

Color is never accurate on the internet. It’s impossible to make every person’s device look the same, so don’t buy art to match your couch — buy art that makes your heart sing.

I’ve tried to make sizes really clear with photos and measurements in the listings, but feel free to ask if you’re still not sure where something fits.

a purple moon with a strange black city half-transparent in the foreground, art by Amy CrookPrivacy

You’ve got it! I have an email list but you have to add yourself, and otherwise all the things we talk about are just between us (because, you know, other people do get the newsletter). I don’t pass around customer info, that would be dumb.

I retain the copyright to all my work*, but I do allow non-commercial free use of certain works (basically anything that’s not a commission or other client-based work). In general, I post work under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

coppery white hoarfrost climbs a black page, abstract art by Amy CrookThis means you can use images on your blog posts as long as you attribute them to me with a link back, but you can’t use them in your own commercial works. If you want to use my art for your company Christmas cards, band’s album cover or the big sale flyer for your store, you’ll need to pay to license the image. The same goes for headers on commercial blogs, or swiping pieces for part of your own designs. Just drop me a line and we’ll negotiate a reasonable fee.

Read more about my stance on fair use of my images here.

If you’d like to Pin, Tumbl or Tweet my work, feel free! Just please link back to where you found it, and don’t remove any signatures or watermarks.

a bare, twisted tree with a single falling red leaf in front of swirling grey fog, ink art by Amy Crook*Work for hire being the exception here.


As always, you’re welcome to email me with anything. Seriously. I even check my spam folder every day or two!

If you’ve read down this far, here, have a squid.

Squid a la Gorey by Amy Crook