In the Forest of the Night

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

In the Forest of the Night by Amy Crook

In the Forest of the Night by Amy Crook

This was an exercise in patience for me. Hours and hours spent with very sharp pencils putting the detail in one delicate stroke at a time, never too much at once. I love the texture it ended up with, especially the swirling background that seems to be nearly as mysterious as the tiger-striped man in the foreground. I especially love the way the young man seems to be emerging from, or being swallowed by, the dark background, the shadows an inherent part of his identity.

At one point in the life of this piece, someone set a glass of sticky white wine down on it — feeling of course that art on top of an antique desk would make a great coaster, I suppose. Another three hours went into the repairs, which are nearly invisible now, thank goodness. Homicide averted!

In the Forest of the Night, pencil on museum board, 5″x5″, $999 with free shipping.

The stiff bristol board this is drawn on would lean in a bookshelf, but the art would really be better off matted or framed. I’m happy to frame it for you for a small additional fee.

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