Books by Amy Crook

Consulting Magic

Mage Alex Benedict consults on murder cases, finds love with Julian St. Albans, and together they build a life. From mages to monsters, Alex and Julian face off with foes, meet with fairies, and gain new responsibilities in this m/m romance urban fantasy series.

The Future of Magic

Arthur the apothecarist and Jade the magical tattooist fall in love and make found family in the witch’s district of United London in this slow burn hopepunk post-post-apocalyptic series.

One-Shot Novels

  • Unboxed
    Soulmates story in a universe where everyone has either a locked box or a key. A threesome m/m/m romance in a magical modern London, with a side of mysterious villains.
  • Elements of Charm
    Alan is starting his first year teaching sex magic, and his two new apprentices are very, very keen. A magical academia m/m/m romance with a side of pixie-sized elemental lovers.
  • The House With the Haunted Heart (tba)
    A programmer, a witch, and a haunted house. What could go wrong? m/m/m-ish romance.

Short Stories & Novellas

  • The Raven Door
    A young man goes looking for a love spell and finds something better. Magical m/m romance.
  • St. Aiden’s School for Boys
    Older seniors find a way to make extra cash with online porn, and seduce their newest roommate into joining them. Erotic m/m/m+ romance.
  • Getting His Due
    A May/November romance where an older actor takes a young up-and-coming star under his wing – and into his bed. Spicy m/m romance with some kink.

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