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Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

holiday cards and Valentine designs in progress

holiday cards and Valentine designs in progress

Given Instagram’s lovely new TOS, I figured I’d continue my week of silly posts with the alternate photo tools on my phone. I keep wondering what will happen when someone’s photo of a third party’s copyrighted designs (say, a car, given that all car designs are legally protected in every which way they can) ends up being used for a commercial purpose by Instagram, when the person who took the photo didn’t own the copyright of the thing in the photo in the first place, and therefore couldn’t actually pass it on to Instagram. This is a bit different than everyone else’s likeness rights worries, but then, I never take photos of my likeness, so it makes sense I’d think of it another way.

Other companies’ idiocy aside, I saw The Hobbit and I unabashedly loved every minute of it. I pretty much spent any slow time trying to remember which dwarf was which, and therefore the nearly three-hour movie passed in a blink for me.

Today’s photo is one of my personal holiday cards (yes, some people got tentacles), and the inks for one of next year’s Valentines. Ironically one of my designs was Instagram-centric, so I’ll probably be scrapping that idea and sticking with the other nerdy concepts. It’s too bad, too, because I loved the silly wee painting I did for the front!

I hope you’re staying warm, dry and happy this week, whichever holidays you love best. Personally, I’m a fan of Halloween, Christmas, the solstice, and of course the New Year! How about you?

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