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Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I won at Eclipse, yay!

I won at Eclipse, yay!

So, if you didn’t already know I was a complete nerd, here’s another brick in the wall. Every Wednesday evening that we can manage it, my BFF and I have a quick dinner and then head over to Endgame in Oakland for their Open Boardgaming. The crowd there is largely into the sort of games most people have never heard of, but which I greatly enjoy. This isn’t Monopoly — for one thing, there’s usually a much steeper learning curve (and a bigger price tag).

We played Eclipse ($100 and well worth it if you’ve got the cash and nerd friends to support it — this is not my copy, heh) tonight with 4 players, which took about 3 hours total including the 30 minutes Jeff spent teaching us the rules at the start. We explored space, colonized planets, and kept our space empires from going bankrupt in our quest for victory points. I played black, and as you can see we started out in four different quadrants and explored towards the middle, and out to the edges. And I won! Mostly because I built 3 monoliths, yes, just like the ones you’re thinking of. They’re worth points in this game! Also, my supernova exploded, but not until the end when it didn’t matter. Whew.

I hope you’re finding time to do the stuff you love to do, with the people you adore, too!

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