The Art Shop closes tonight!

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Old Friends Who've Just Met, Muppets fan art by Amy CrookIf you were thinking of getting anything in my big Art Shop, tonight’s your last chance! I’m taking all those works off the market tonight, and moving in the Floating Gallery* tomorrow.

The Etsy Shop is sticking around

I’ll still sell my greeting cards at Etsy all month long, and I’m already hard at work on new things for the holidays. I’m just changing the way I sell original art on the site.

The Floating Gallery is an experiment

So if you’ve got questions, comments or just want to chat about art, tentacles, or kittens, email me. I’m totally open to your thoughts! Especially about tentacles.

And just to say it again, in case you don’t read subject lines…

The Old Art Shop closes TONIGHT! IS CLOSED!

*If it’s after the 8th of the month, the Floating Gallery is closed until the 1st of next month.

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