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Monday, April 13th, 2015

These are some of the bookshelves in my bedroom. Yes I said some.

These are some of the bookshelves in my bedroom. Yes I said some.

I talk a lot about tucking small art into your bookshelves, but rarely show you what I mean by that! Here you can see some of my favorite pieces snuggling up with a bunch of my books, plushies, and other madness.

You can click on the image to see it bigger, though it’s still not really easy to read titles, sorry. Some highlights:

  • The box in the lower left contains my few remaining comic issues (it’s actually a stack of two), with a fat quarter of my own Spoonflower fabric on top, because the cats like to sit there and bird watch.
  • The long skinny green box in front of all the Jack Skellingtons contains my wand, because I’m just that much of a Harry Potter dork.
  • The bookshelf on the left is mostly hardcovers and trade paperback size books. I’ve read more than half, but there’s a bunch I still need to read. My TBR pile is shameful.
  • The bookshelf on the left has anthologies, two shelves of graphic novels, some nonfiction including one of my Vertigo Tarot decks, and on the bottom there’s frames and small canvases, plus a box with the remainder of my alphabet. One of those boxes is from the bookstore release of Harry Potter book 7. See above, re: dork.
  • I have a Vorpal Bunny, a snow leopard, a handmade plush of The Crow, and a whole lot of other ridiculous things in there with my books and art. 7 of the art pieces are my originals, and the bottom left one is a print from Evil Supply Co.
  • There are more cats than Jack Skellingtons, but only if you don’t count the heads. Grumpy Cat is the newest plushie.

So, what’s your favorite that you’ve spotted?

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