Counting Crows print set

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Counting Crows 5x7 print set by Amy Crook on Etsy

Counting Crows 5″x7″ print set by Amy Crook on Etsy

Do you love the Counting Crows series but can’t quite afford (or be fast enough) to get an original? I’ve made up a print set of all five on nicely compact 5″x7″ polar white print paper so they can flock together on your wall, or space the murder out around your home and office.

Subtle red glows through the monochrome of each ghostly image, from the skeletal trees to the mist-shrouded figures, the roosting crows and the foggy, indistinct land beyond. Bloodstone mineral paint created the original images, which you can now get in these beautiful miniature prints.

Named after the famous rhyme for counting crows, magpies, and other blackbirds, this would be a wonderful gift for your favorite lover of graveyards, ghost stories, and all things goth.

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