Sharpie Week: Lobster Pot Pie

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Lobster Pot Pie sharpie sketch by Amy Crook

Lobster Pot Pie sharpie sketch by Amy Crook

Allergy season is over, and so, I have a head cold! Normally I would spend Sunday scheduling art posts and guaranteeing you all a week of awesomeness, but this week I’m sick and Photoshop and I aren’t speaking over color matching differences. So, my solution? You get a week of Sharpie Marker doodles.

Now, I am running a fever, so I’m not silly enough to do these without a little bit of penciling, but overall I don’t think I spent more than 15 minutes on any of them from start to finish.

If you’re wondering about the subject matter, you can blame my friends for that — I asked them what to draw and they made suggestions. Though the bite I had of my friend’s lobster pot pie on Saturday night was very tasty, so I suppose it does deserve to be immortalized.

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