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Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Moon Valley watercolor by Amy Crook

Moon Valley watercolor by Amy Crook

I’ve been working for many months now on the re-launch of Moon Valley Astrologer, and it’s finally up, huzzah!

I used watercolors to create both the Moon Valley header art and the background of stars, though as you can see there was some Photoshop tomfoolery on her final header to make the moon more like a proper orange harvest moon. Not to mention the cropping and text!

Moon Valley Astrologer header by Amy Crook

Moon Valley Astrologer header by Amy Crook

This site was a huge undertaking, but I’m really happy that it’s all come together in time, and I look forward to continuing to work with Celeste as the site continues to grow. And of course Michael, who does the heavy lifting of implementing my designs with best practices.

The painting itself went through several practice versions, including the very creepy-sky study Mountains of Madness. This final has a peaceful, luminous quality that I think really goes well with her site and personality. Although it’s not really a portrait of the actual Moon Valley where she lives, it conveys the feeling we were hoping for in subtle, inviting colors that we then echoed into the rest of the site.

Moon Valley, 14″x8.5″ watercolor on paper.

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