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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Small Things, Great Love by Amy Crook

Don’t worry, Tentacle Tuesdays are safe! I’m just switching things up a little to give you some posts with actual, relevant stuff in them besides just the pretty. Well, and the tentacley.

Ahem. Anyway, after talking to several of you over the course of the past few months, I’ve discovered that you want to know more about how I make art and how being an artist fits into my life. I’ve got a few things planned including stuff about my studio and my living room which is also my other studio, about how I choose what to paint and what to paint with, and probably at least one post about my cats. Because this is the internet, so I can post about my cats.

Tentacle Deeps 20 by Amy CrookTentatively, the new schedule is going to be:

  • Monday, painting or drawing
    (often this will be a moon, because New Moon Mondays really amuses me)
  • Tentacle Tuesdays
  • Words on Wednesday
  • Thursday, painting or drawing
  • Friday, painting or drawing
    (because often I have two or three things I want to post together)
  • Saturday Morning Cartoons
    (formerly Weeble Weds and, let’s face it, an awesome childhood memory)
  • Sunday Sketches

Mod Tree by Amy CrookI’m not sure how I’ll feel about not having a day off, but we’ll find out, won’t we? I didn’t want to cut back to only two paintings a week, because I’ve been painting more than that lately even without the tentacles (which I’m several weeks ahead on! So many tentacles…) and it just gets hard to keep track of what’s next to post.

If there’s something you’ve been wondering about, this is a good place to ask. I’d love to have more conversation in my comments, seriously, so really feel free to ask anywhere and I’ll try to answer. Oh, and hey, happy Leap Day!

Weeble Dagon by Amy Crook

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