Tentacle Deeps 20

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Tentacle Deeps 20, watercolor by Amy Crook

Tentacle Deeps 20 by Amy Crook

Usually for these I paint the background and then put in the tentacles, but this time I decided to go about it the other way. The watercolor wash didn’t disturb the Sharpie in the foreground at all, though it did give the tentacles a distinct red tint. It did soften the grey pen-and-ink tentacles in the background so they look a bit more surreal.

I still need to properly frame this one because of the odd size, but rest assured, like all of the Tentacle Deeps series, this painting will ship framed to its future home.

Tentacle Deeps 20, 4″x8″ mixed media on paper.

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