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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Help Amy’s Laptop Purchase, Please, Lovely Supporters – THANK YOU!

Can Has Progress!

Can Has Progress!

I promise, Dear Readers and Lovely Supporters alike, not all the Words posts will be about my laptop! But, you’ve all been so helpful this past week I thought you needed an update.

  1. Between donations and Etsy sales, I’ve added approx. another 10% to my laptop pool. The above bar is a completely unscientific rendering of how much I’ve got saved up, because of course I have only an inkling of how much New Laptop will cost since they haven’t announced them yet. Basically, I figure you all filled in one of those equals signs, so, THANK YOU.
  2. Tentacle & Snape/Harry shrinky dinks are claimed, but the Tentacle Hand Towel is there to fill the gap. Also, Sherlock/John and the Zombie Head and Cthulhu (with bell!) shrinky dinks are still available to kind donators.
  3. New stuff on Etsy! Mostly Sherlock, but that’s what’s selling right now.

You are still Most Encouraged to Donate, if you can, or buy something. Especially art! Really, even $1 helps, especially since my life keeps running on and requiring money to do so in the meantime — though this fund is fully earmarked for the laptop, it’s hard to keep saving outside of that. Oh, rent, why do you come every month? Heh.

And now, your regularly scheduled Adorable Donate Button:

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