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HALP PLS: Update!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Help Amy’s Laptop Purchase, Please, Lovely Supporters – THANK YOU!

Can Has Progress!

Can Has Progress!

I promise, Dear Readers and Lovely Supporters alike, not all the Words posts will be about my laptop! But, you’ve all been so helpful this past week I thought you needed an update.

  1. Between donations and Etsy sales, I’ve added approx. another 10% to my laptop pool. The above bar is a completely unscientific rendering of how much I’ve got saved up, because of course I have only an inkling of how much New Laptop will cost since they haven’t announced them yet. Basically, I figure you all filled in one of those equals signs, so, THANK YOU.
  2. Tentacle & Snape/Harry shrinky dinks are claimed, but the Tentacle Hand Towel is there to fill the gap. Also, Sherlock/John and the Zombie Head and Cthulhu (with bell!) shrinky dinks are still available to kind donators.
  3. New stuff on Etsy! Mostly Sherlock, but that’s what’s selling right now.

You are still Most Encouraged to Donate, if you can, or buy something. Especially art! Really, even $1 helps, especially since my life keeps running on and requiring money to do so in the meantime — though this fund is fully earmarked for the laptop, it’s hard to keep saving outside of that. Oh, rent, why do you come every month? Heh.

And now, your regularly scheduled Adorable Donate Button:

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Help Amy’s Laptop Purchase, Please, Lovely Supporters!

Poor Sad Laptop

My Poor Sad Laptop

Dying laptop is dying. My current work computer is about 5.5 years old, and has had several parts replaced. New keyboard, new battery, new hard drive. And yet, it regularly has kernel panics, hangs while starting up or shutting down, and generally wants very much to be retired. I use this computer every day to do all those little things like bring you art and work for my clients and pay my bills. At this point it’s a race between me having the money to replace it, and the death rattle turning into actual forever death.

I would very much like to win this race.

Rumor has it Apple will be putting out a new line of Macbook Pros this spring sometime, and I’ll be trying to get my grabby little hands on one as soon as physically possible.

The one I have still runs Photoshop so you can see your daily art, Dear Readers, but every time it’s a little more reluctant. I’ve done all the maintenance I can (oh god, so much maintenance), but the time has come.

I have about 2/3 of the probable cost saved up (based on what they cost now), so I’m not asking for you to cover the whole thing, just to help close the gap between what I have and the computer that will last me for the next 5 years of 16-hour days and Photoshop abuse.

Thus, we have the HALP PLS fund!

What, you might ask, can you do to help? Well, Lovely and Charming Supporter, there’s a few options:

  1. Donate using the button above! Anyone who donates $25 or more will get a Shrinky Dink of their very own as a thank-you gift from a grateful artist. Or a hand-drawn dish towel! $40 gets you one of the pairs. But, honestly, even $1 will be a big help.
  2. Buy something! Peruse my Etsy shop there, and my Art shop here, and see if something suits your fancy. If you want something out of your budget, email me — we can talk about a payment plan or some other way to get the art you love into your home.
  3. Be a Cartoon or commission an original of your very own! Of course you can email me to talk about either of these, and the only way to commission something is to talk to me first.


An Assortment of Fine Shrinky Dinks Available for Supporter Rewards

An Assortment of Fine Shrinky Dinks Available for Supporter Rewards

Note: If I run low on Shrinky Dinks, I’ll just make more. I have sheets of the stuff, but I have to draw each one individually with Sharpie (or colored pencil, but you know I’m a Sharpie girl at heart), so I’m slow at filling the sheets.

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