Christmas Palette

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

my holiday palette for a festive season

my holiday palette for a festive season

It seems like most of my “slice of life” posts this week have been art-oriented after all, but it’s been an art-focused sort of week (at least when it wasn’t focused on the sort of client projects that make terrible photo posts).

I wanted to paint something Christmassy to post on the day of, and this is the palette that was left when I was done with Tuesday’s (tentacle-free) art. I used my ridiculously awesome scented Christmas watercolors, so my art table smelled of pine trees as I worked, and then peppermint afterward. And of course I watched Nightmare Before Christmas while I was painting, just to get in the proper spirit.

Soon. Soon!

(And for the record, no, the paint doesn’t still smell of pine once it dries. Alas.)

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