Sherlock on the Light Table

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Sherlock on the light table getting wallpapered

Sherlock on the light table getting wallpapered

I love the wallpaper from this particular wall in 221b Baker Street, ridiculous velvet flocking and all, but it’s definitely not something I’m inclined to draw freehand. I used this same method with the light table to do the wallpaper on my Baker Street Tinies: B is for Baker Street, interior, except there I used a very fine pen for the messy crosshatching. Here I used a brush pen to scribble in the basic shapes. It made sort of a cartoon parody of the original design, much like sulking Sherlock there is a cartoon parody of Benedict Cumberbatch’s iconic portrayal.

I used heart-shaped post-its to hold down the page so it wouldn’t damage the drawing or go slipping all over the place while I worked. I use the same silly hot pink post-its to put handwritten thank-you notes in all my Etsy packages for that extra bit of appreciation.

Now that the holiday madness has quieted down a bit, I’m back at it with art, so next week you’ll definitely have a few new pieces of art to look at. Plus, my Valentines will go up, so you can take a peek at this year’s new designs.

Have a great weekend!

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