The Floating Gallery: How to Buy my Art

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

The Floating Gallery by Amy Crook

So what is a Floating Gallery, you ask?

Well, Dear Reader, it’s an itinerant art show of a sort, a virtual pop-up shop of strange surprises. Bimonthly for barely more than a week, the gallery floats in and sets up, offering an assortment of art originals both rare and strange.

  • The Floating Gallery is open from the 1st through 8th of every even month, approximately midnight to midnight Pacific time.
  • Original artwork will be displayed in the Floating Gallery for those 8 days only, and each piece is one of a kind. Once the Gallery floats away, those pieces will not be for sale again.
  • My Art Patron’s List gets a few days before the 1st to sneak in and get a preview of the Gallery, and buy before the general public sees it.
  • You can buy art from the Floating Gallery either by using the buy buttons on the page, or arranging a payment plan with me, but you have to decide before the 8th.
  • You’ll see the little airship in the sidebar to the right if the Floating Gallery is open. Just click on it to go view the show!
  • Other than commissions, this is the only way to buy my original art if you want to take a piece home. If you’re new and want to see what sort of art I make, check out my Portfolio of recent works.

Questions? Email me! I’m always happy to talk to my Dear Readers and Future Patrons.

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