The Power of Poddles

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

the least-blurry photo I could get of a very wriggly Podsworth

the least-blurry photo I could get of a very wriggly Podsworth

I have found a most excellent way to help stave off the afternoon sleepies! This won’t work for everyone, because not everyone has a cat who deserves this sort of treatment*, but it works for me.

First, I find Pod** where he is sleeping on top of the cat tree. Then I acquire him, protesting, and carry him to the bedroom, where we lay down in bed and have cuddles of dubious consent. He purrs and rubs his head into the petting and then leaves as soon as possible, but it’s a very nice restful, quiet minute or two.

The funny thing is that now, after doing this for a while, he still makes his break for freedom, but after a moment of staring out the window to make sure the squirrels and/or crows aren’t in attendance, he comes back. Having proven that he is above the cuddles, he demands… more cuddles.

Poddleston, Poddleston, Poddleston Pie
A fly can’t bird but a bird can fly
Ask me a riddle and I reply
Poddleston, Poddleston, Poddleston Pie***

It’s a really nice way to get a bit of rejuvenation in a short period of time, and also harass my cat. Who deserves it.****

*I don’t do this with Belladonna, because she is not a fucker who deserves naptime interruptions, and also doesn’t enjoy it as much.
**His actual name is Pteropodidae, in case you were curious.
***Horribly misquoted from Winnie the Pooh
****No, seriously, he’s a total fucker when he’s awake.

PPS – Yes, this is what it’s like in my brain, aren’t you glad you get to see more of it?

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3 Responses to “The Power of Poddles”

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  1. Birdy Diamond says:

    (‘k ‘k re-submitting WITHOUT the kitteh-whisker smilie. Forgot that it messes with some WP comments.)

    Actually, I am. (what this says about me, I have no idea. I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions. 😀 )

    And I hear you – Mage does something similar. If I try to put him on the bed for pets, he’ll jump off. But many times, once it’s his idea, he’ll come back. *rollseyes* I get it tho’. The need to prove one’s independence an a’that. :>o

  2. Birdy Diamond says:

    (And the Third Time’s the charm! 😀 )

    I guess it’s that whole thing of if he lets himself be bossed about like that, he might lose his Kitteh Union Card, and we can’t have that, no ma’am, wouldn’t be prudent, at this or any other time. 😀 :>

  3. Amy says:

    =^o,o^= You can always do a different whisker kitty. 😉

    Pod doesn’t have a whole lot of kitty dignity, but he does hold strongly to what few bits he bothers with. He doesn’t really like to prove his independence, though, in case I believe for one moment he’s not a mama’s boy!