Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

black cat snuggled up in snowflake print bedsheets

the view when I came to bed

This cat came to me in November of 2008, two weeks after Halloween*. One of my design clients found him outside her office, took him to the vet for tests, and then started driving to my apartment before she thought to call me and make sure I wanted a kitten. His full name is Pteropodidae, the family name for fruit bats, because of the giant ears. He is of the cat clan McFucker, always getting into things and perpetrating fuckery on my other cat, Belladonna. If you’re a cat person, you know the type.

Pod’s nicknames are legion, including Poddles, Poddleston, Poddington, Podsworth, Podling, Butthead, Stinkerbelle. He’s got sleek, silky fur that makes excellent hairballs, and the skinniest tail I’ve ever seen on a furry cat. He’s never found a dairy product he doesn’t like, and he’s very vocal if he thinks he hasn’t had enough cheese today.** He’s the one that cuddles up to me in the night, so I wake up to find he’s made himself the little spoon, all snuggled up in the curl of my body. He will tuck himself into the bed for his afternoon nap in protest of inclement weather, which is what he was doing when I took the above photo.

Below, you can see him on the first day he was here. It took him all of an hour to start drinking out of my water glass, because he is a fucker. But I love him, and he’s good*** for Belladonna, who is grumpier but less tubby since she got someone to chase irritably around the apartment.

black cat about to drink out of a blue glass of water

just look at those ears

* we’re pretty sure he was someone’s unwanted Halloween present, he was very tame and the vet said he seemed abandoned and starving rather than feral

** there is no such thing as enough cheese

*** for certain values of good

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3 Responses to “Pteropodidae”

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  1. penny says:

    shadow was annoyed I commented on miss belladonna’s post and hadn’t yet on pod’s, so here we go. he says black cats are the best and I agree. he also wonders if pod aims his hairballs, the closer to one’s slipper/pillow the more happy he is. however, he’s not so sure on all things dairy, ice cream is good, but he’s not quite sure on all cheeses — but that could because i like mine with chipotle …

  2. Amy says:

    Hah! He’s a smart cat, black cats are awesome.

    Pod seems to go for the most trafficked bit of carpet for his hairballs, right in the middle of the hallway to the bathroom is a favorite. (Bella prefers right by the front door for guests.)