Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

the back of the package sent to my lucky winner

the back of the package sent to my lucky winner

I did my first-ever email list giveaway this month, and it was a success! The darling Midori got her package and was very squeeful about the plethora of goodies inside.

The giveaway thing started out as an excuse for me to send more mail — people on my email list can opt to give me their snail mail addresses to get entered in a monthly drawing. I’m also going to try to get some birthday cards going out, and maybe something special for next Halloween (my favorite holiday!).

I wanted to give generously and not just one or two things — something that would really bring delight and awesome happiness to my people. The splendidly wicked Evil Supply Co.* sends out a bunch of freebies every month, and after winning a whole Mr. Ghost’s Monthly Parcel (The Raven!) and being totally shocked at the amount of swag in there, I wanted to pass that feeling on to my beloved readers, customers, and patrons.

ALL the swag

ALL the swag

In addition to cards, bookmarks, gift tags, and some of my awesome Moo minicards**, there’s a couple of things you can’t get anywhere else — stickers, prints, and one of my even awesomer square Moo cards, which are like high-quality mini art prints.

*this is not an affiliate link, I just like Atticus a lot
**this is totally an affiliate link, but I also like Moo a lot

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