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Friday, October 13th, 2017

The Guardianship of Julian St. Albans by Amy Crook on Amazon

It’s finally done! Paperbacks tba, I’m waiting on proofs in the mail, but for those of you who prefer them they’re on the way soon.

In the third Consulting Magic novel, after a peaceful holiday interlude (Rosemary for the Holidays short story), Julian St. Albans and Alexander Benedict return for more murder, mystery, magic, and… marriage?

Julian and Alex want to begin building a new holiday cottage near the Magical Source on the St. Albans’ land, and working on a magical garden for their Guardian friends, but their plans for cozy domesticity are quickly shattered as Alex is called in to consult on a strange new murder case.

Julian is drawn into his own mystery when he is trapped by a curse. Alex and their friends have to rescue Julian, solve the mounting murders, and protect each other from the malevolent force clearly at work.

As Alex and Julian work together, their magics and their relationship grow and lead them down a mysterious and exciting path, introducing them to new friends they never could have imagined.

Untrue Love by Amy Crook on AmazonThe Courtship of Julian St. Albans by Amy Crook on AmazonUntrue Love, the short story mystery-only prequel to my Consulting Magic series, is FREE through Tuesday on Amazon Kindle.

The Courtship of Julian St. Albans, the first book in this series of m/m romance, mystery, and magic, is on sale for a mere 99¢ through next week on Amazon Kindle.

Buy them today and enjoy!

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