Fan Art and Comic Commissions

Dori is totally a weeble, but then, dwarves kind of are anyway.So you like my art and you want a comic of your very own, hooray! That’s awesome. Here’s how to get your very own piece of unique wall art in the form of a comic in one or more panels.

So, what’s on offer?

Well, I’ll draw just about any characters you like, though of course it’s always easier for me if it’s in a fandom I know.

I’ll be using one of my signature styles, either the ridiculous “fancy stick figures” or the wide-headed “weebles,” as shown below. No, nobody has noses. Noses and I do not get along.

stick figure style or weeble style? you choose!

How do you figure out pricing?

There’s a formula! What can I say, I’m a geek.
the doctor loves fan art of himself. or just himself. one of those.

  • $45 for one character, $60 for two. Chibis are generally full body, stick figures are usually from mid-thigh or waist up, depending on the layout.
  • Add $40+ if you want a background, the plus depends on how fancy of a background we’re talking here.
  • Multi-panel comics will sometimes get a discount for being a big job, especially if it sounds like fun.
  • All rights will stay with the artist (that’s me!), and I might sell prints of your awesome thing if it’s got appeal to my audience. You’ll get the original and get to be smug about it. If you’re looking for something where you have the right to reprint it, however, you’ll want to head on over to the Illustration Commissions page.
  • Larger formats, fancy paper, all of these things are of course possible for a fee! If you want something that doesn’t fit into the above formula, just let me know when we’re talking about your commission and I’ll tell you what your options are.
  • Super special! Get a bookmark of your very own for $20. You tell me what you want, I draw or paint it on whatever bookmark-shaped paper scraps are handy, and send it off to you. No revisions, no noses, no problem.

it's like cthulhu and calvin and hobbes fan art all in oneWhat sort of things do I draw?

Geeky fandom things, mostly! I like to draw funny comics, things that make you laugh or smile. I won’t draw anything that squicks or offends me, but that’s something I’d have to judge on a case-by-case basis. I’m happy to draw media characters or generic “cartoon people,” but if you want to put actual people (you and your friends, for instance) in a cartoon, there’s a different fee to “Be a Cartoon.”

I’m happy to toss around ideas with you if you think you want something but aren’t sure what. I like to think I’m pretty good at finding the punchline in a vague idea, anyway!
squid are totally a fandom

So what will you actually get?

Most of my comics are drawn on Japanese drawing paper I buy in pads, that’s slightly smaller than 5″x7″ and fits nicely into a standard frame. I package the originals up with some stiff cardboard and slip them into a greeting card, and then either mail that in a normal stamped envelope or, if it’s something a bit pricey like a 6-panel comic, put it in a Priority Mail envelope with tracking and all that jazz. Multiple panels usually go on multiple pieces of paper, so a 6-panel comic would arrive to you as six separate 5″x7″ drawings.

International buyers will ironically find the stamp-and-envelope version of shipping is more likely to get to you, because it doesn’t have any customs forms and won’t get stopped for the tariff.

If you do want something special in your shipping, I’m happy to discuss the price for upgrading — Priority Mail in the US is only $7, but internationally it’s ridiculously pricey, starting around $25.

Great, how do we get started?

Email me your idea! I’ve got a small queue pretty much all the time, but I’m always happy to slip people in where I can.

yes, this was a commission. yes, I lost sanity points doing it. and yes, I still love it.

*this is an example of the aforementioned Gorey-style crosshatching