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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

5 Sherlock bookmarks, commission art by Amy Crook

5 Sherlock bookmarks, commission art by Amy Crook

Yay, more Sherlock bookmarks! I did these as tests for the elaborately colored 6-panel comic (and print!) I’m posting next week, as part of a commission for one of my darling patrons. Some of them reflect the comics and some not so much, but they were all a test for our rainbow color scheme.

What, you say, you didn’t know I did commission bookmarks? Well, I do now! You might be asking yourself how these are different than regular fan art commissions, and so I’ll tell you, because I’m nice that way.

  • They’re $15 each, flat, no matter what’s on them.
  • You tell me what you want, I draw and send. No sketches, no previews.
  • Color vs black and white is up to my discretion.
  • It’ll be on whatever bookmark-like scrap of paper I have to hand.
  • This applies to fan art comics only, no portraits or watercolors or any of that fancy jazz.
  • They tend to be a lot faster than a regular commission.
  • Email me if you want one! (Okay, that’s the same.)

The ones above are all on drawing paper scraps rather than thicker watercolor paper or cardstock, but I know the recipient (hi!) won’t be using them to mark books. If you’re a framer vs a book marker, that’s something to let me know during the email.

5 Sherlock Bookmarks, 2″x5″ pen & ink and Copic markers on paper, nfs (commission).

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