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Stamp Collection

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

yep, that's my stamp collection

yep, that’s my stamp collection

I think the first stamps I ever collected were the Winnie the Pooh ones back in the mid-’90s, so long ago they’re still the sort you had to lick. Also, they’re Canadian. At some point in the next two decades (man, I’m old), I’ve added Hobbits from New Zealand, wizards from Australia, and several fannish sheets of US stamps. The latest addition are the nifty Harry Potter forever stamps that just came out here, which I got lots of — I’ll use most of them for Etsy orders, but just a few will get to stick around with the others in my collection.

Like a lot of my collections, this one is pretty small and focused on things I’m a fan of. 7 sets of stamps for 20 years is a tiny haul, but it’s enough for me to pull them out sometimes and smile over them.

We’re going through a time when it’s all about decluttering, getting rid of, and letting go, but I’ve always been a collector. I collected stickers and bookmarks as a kid, and still have some of the latter from 30+ years ago. I collect plushies, and action figures, books and comics and movies, tiny snow globes and giant slipcased volumes.

I declutter sometimes — get rid of this or that from things I’m less of a fan of than I used to be, or just ditch games I don’t play, movies I don’t watch or books I don’t read. I get rid of things that don’t make me smile anymore, for whatever reason.

But I’m never going to be a minimalist, because deep down I’m just too much of a pack rat.

How about you, are you a collector?

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