“I commissioned a painting from Amy, and the process from start to finish was a wonderful experience. She was very responsive when we discussed the initial concept, asking questions and discussing details I hadn’t even thought to mention.

As she progressed with the work, I always received regular updates and she was open to any suggested changes and revisions I had (including a major revision that required quite a lot of extra work!). The final painting is absolutely stunning and has garnered many compliments from all my friends who see it.”

Gretchen Anderson

“Amy’s just awesome.”

Jeff Krogh

“It just turned out so perfect. I have no idea how she figured out exactly what I wanted before I even knew it, but this is it.

The first thing that grabbed me the first time she showed me a picture was the sun, all pale and wan up in the corner, and I still love it just as much in person. And the tree on the side! I love it so much.

And the poem turned out really well. I admit to being worried when we first started talking about doing it this way, but it worked out beautifully. The font, the floating, the paper… it came together very well.

It looks so great hanging on my wall.”

‘Til the Walls Shall Crumble to Ruin