Arch the Sky

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Arch the Sky by Amy Crook

Arch the Sky by Amy Crook

Arch the Sky is one of my favorite pieces. It hangs above my work station in a simple silver frame, which echoes the silver streaks in the painting. This was painted without a reference, inspired by the art on the covers of the original paperback editions of Storm Constantine’s Wraethuthu series. There was something about the graceful art with its obvious brush strokes that really spoke to me.

I tried to really emphasize the contrast between the smooth curve of his back, and the rough texture of the background and foreground, while still allowing them to interact with each other. The rain-like streaks were put in at the very end with oil paint sticks, and really added to the effect by connecting the figure to the background.

There is a sense of worship in the figure’s expression, the peace of belonging to and reverence for nature, for the sky and rain and earth and the environment he’s in.

This piece is fully framed, and ready to hang.

Arch the Sky, 16″x24″, oil on artboard.

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