Daily Art: 2 for 1

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Mushroom Cave by Amy Crook

Mushroom Cave by Amy Crook

I had a Grand Day Out yesterday, getting canvases and hanging out with friends, and I totally forgot to post my daily art, so today you get a double dose. These are both doodles out of my bedside sketchbook, the first inspired by, of all things, the Facebook game Fairyland. The second was just a bit of odd playing around with shapes that blossomed into these reed-like creatures, bowing in sequence. Alien ambassadors or odd plants?

Reed Aliens by Amy Crook

Reed Aliens by Amy Crook

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2 Responses to “Daily Art: 2 for 1”

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  1. Jefferson says:

    The bottom one is really interesting. Maybe they’re reeds in Wonderland, bowing to the Red Queen or something…

  2. Amy says:

    I think it’s the combination of uncomplicated, fluid shapes and a sense of some kind of intelligence behind them despite their simplicity. Thanks!