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January 2021 Patreon Sketches

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

5 sketch cards by Amy Crook

From top left:

  • Eric asked for Peanut m&m as an Airbender and, well. Yeah. That’s a thing I’ve drawn now.
  • Roxanne asked for this quote, which got a little shiny visual along with the word art.
  • Kim asked for winter socks, and got bats ^^v^^
  • Amy B prompted “peacock” and got an abstract. It’s shiny!
  • And Jeff asked for “missing bff” which I made both silly and sad, like I do.

This finishes off January for me, which makes me briefly all caught up on sketches! Slowly, slowly, finding a new balance.

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Kawaii Dead Yet (with Treasure Hull)

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

Kawaii Dead Yet by Amy Crook and Treasure Hull

In the Before Times, I gave the central postcard to Treasure Hull with some of the art you see already done on it, and asked if they’d be interested in continuing it as a collaboration. It’s taken a long time, but they finally mailed it back to me, and it’s amazing!

They pasted the smaller postcard onto a larger piece of paper and turned it into this surrealist kitty, mixing my soft, dreamy watercolors with their bright, trippy pen-and-ink details. There’s even stars cut out of the paper and taken from elsewhere and stuck onto this piece!

The original’s going in my personal collection, but I thought I’d share it here for you all to enjoy.

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Concentric 8

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

abstract art of concentric dotted circles on a purple background

Concentric 8 by Amy Crook, 9″x12″ watercolor on paper, sold

It’s art that I finished in 2021! I’m very happy to be back at it finally, now that all the stress and extra tasks of moving have been largely dealt with (unpacking is eternal).

I’ve had this purple background for a while now, and I finally got the motivation over a few days of work to get this lovely, fireworks-like addition to the Concentric series done. I put it up on my Patreon while it was in progress, and one of my wonderful supporters claimed it before it was even done!

Below, you can see a zoomed-in angle view of some of the lovely metallic and iridescent paints that I used for this meditative work. I tried to stick to a certain palette, but I couldn’t resist sneaking in a little gold for the very middle burst. Which set of circles is your favorite?

close-up of abstract art with metallic dotted circles on a purple background

Concentric 8, detail, by Amy Crook

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String Theory

Thursday, September 17th, 2020

String Theory, 6″x6″ watercolor on paper

This weird little abstract sold to one of my Patreon supporters when it previewed, and got to skip the gallery experience entirely. It’s definitely a painting in which different people see different things, but the swirling layers of color and texture are certainly mesmerising.

It started as so many things of mine do as a background painted and left to sit on a shelf, while the back of my brain processed ideas for what to do with it. Eventually I went to pick texture out of the color and then add color back in to the texture with shades of purple and a hint of blue. There’s even a touch of shimmer along the right side, which will subtly shine in the right light.

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Chickadee, 6″x6″ watercolor on paper

I’ve finally managed to mail my Mom her Mother’s Day gift this year, belated of course because time is meaningless in 2020, so now you can all see what she got!

She loves paintings of birds, and so I decided to do something fun for me with this orb-shaped, fluffed-up little winter chickadee. It’s got a lot of very pale, subtle shades, from the winter blue sky to the cream underbelly, but my old scanner did its best.

This little borb is a bit cranky about something, perhaps the cold — it’s certainly puffed up enough to keep warm!

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Old Haunts

Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Old Haunts, 8″x4″ brush & ink and watercolor on paper

I’ve had the spooky, misty-dusk background of this piece sitting around my studio aka living room for ages, and finally one day I just pulled it out and put some trees on it. The light in the middle begged for its own something, and this loosely-constructed, half-overgrown haunted house grew out of that.

It’s possible your artist watches a few too many Halloween movies.

There’s a trio of trees, a handful of crows, and of course the spooky old house rising up out of the mist.

This piece has already sold, but there might still be something waiting just for you in September’s Floating Gallery!

Old Haunts, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see some spooky trees and spooky birds and the misty gloaming sky behind them both. Below, it’s on my shiny new table easel, waiting to haunt its new home.

Old Haunts by Amy Crook

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Friday, September 4th, 2020

Surrender, 6″x6″ watercolor on paper

I found this pose on the model’s tumblr, and it made me think of the Winter Soldier from the comics, who is shorter and more slender than the absolute unit from the MCU.

I wanted to experiment both with the figure drawing and some unusual color choices, using shades of blue and violet for the shadows as a contrast to the pinkish white boy skin tones.

Poor Bucky looks so vulnerable, with his little feet curled under and his hands behind his head, a deliberate contrast to the intimidating picture he makes in his full uniform and face mask, armed to the teeth and dangerous all day.

Surrender, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see how the blues and pinks and purples are layered rather than mixed to create shadow and highlight spaces in the figure. Below, he’s trapped in a frame, just waiting to find out what happens next.

Surrender, framed art by Amy Crook

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