Stork Family

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Stork Family, watercolor by Amy Crook

Stork Family by Amy Crook

When Maribeth Doerr decided to get her website done with Wendy Cholbi’s Bonanza Package, she got not only her cartoon, but a custom header. We talked a little about what images would work for StorkNet Family, and decided to go away from the classic “stork with a bundle” clip art and do something classier. I went looking for photos of baby storks, and found a great one of a mama stork standing protectively over her two babies. I translated that into a nest and just mama’s legs, with three babies for visual balance. From the sketch I did two versions, and this watercolor was the one we both ended up preferring.

Her header, miniaturized below, continues the watercolor feel with a wash of blue across the top of the page. For the site itself we stuck to complementary colors sampled from the header, a nice baby-blanket peach and blue framing the clean white pages.

StorkNet site header by Amy Crook

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