Sunday Round-Up & Branch Sketch

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

skulls and fishies and 'toons, oh, my!

skulls and fishies and ‘toons, oh, my!

Another week of art has gone by like a flash! Monday I gave you whimsical skulls, and Tuesday a spooky fish skeleton. Wednesday we revisited the ocean depths with sea creatures galore. Thursday we got a dwarf’s view of birthdays, and Friday brought us Sherlock’s views on the subject. Saturday Sherlock was very grumpy indeed — he did not enjoy the party, apparently.

Below, we have a little brush-pen sketch of the tree outside my window, which just got a nice trim to clear away the dead branches and give Pod a better view of the crows that visit him.

Branch sketch by Amy Crook

Branch sketch by Amy Crook

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