Tentacle Critters from Ann Littell

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

What's in the mysterious box?

What’s in the mysterious box?

I did not make these things! The wonderful Ann Littell, with whom I went to high school, came out to CA and brought me the awesomest surprise of all. I was not expecting her to have a gift for me, and I have some guilt that I haven’t returned the favor yet, but it’s fleeting because I was totally gobsmacked. Also I keep getting distracted by how awesome these are.

Note that Ann doesn’t make these for sale, so I’m just luckier than you.

Blue paper like water! And ooooooh tentacles.

Blue paper like water! And ooooooh tentacles.

Above, you can see what I saw as I opened the box, and share in my excitement. TENTACLES! What could they beeee? Below, they’re out of their box and sitting on top.

Three Wee Beasties!

Three Wee Beasties!

They’re really well-made and I love the colors! The squid is a lovely blue-grey with lighter fins, and his tentacles have this great curl to them. The jellyfish is this great combo of two shimmery pink yarns that work really well together, and he’s got a really good mix of tentacle sizes and lengths. The octopus is such a great color set, all bright and cheery in very Amy colors, and when laid flat on the table his tentacles make a great little swoopy pattern that translates well into sitting around. You’ve already seen these guys guest starring on some of my art posts, and you can expect to see more of them!

Thanks, Ann!

Squid, Jellyfish and Octopus, an awesome Trifecta

Squid, Jellyfish and Octopus, an awesome Trifecta

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2 Responses to “Tentacle Critters from Ann Littell”

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  1. Ann says:

    You are welcome. I am glad you like them. I saw one of these patterns and it just screamed “Make me for Amy”. Then, of course, I had to go looking for other tentacled beasties to join the first. 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    They’re wonderful! And useful as well as decorative. 😉 Thanks again! ♥