Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

oooooh shiny

I hope you’re having a wonderful last day of 2013. I’ve been trying to enjoy the holidays as much as possible this year, myself, which has included a number of unscheduled days off to go with the scheduled days off. Belladonna and Pod have gotten some extra petting and some extra alone time as my BFF dragged me willingly out and about, not to mention the days spent out on my own shopping.

It’s been a wonderful recharge to get me back into the groove to start the new year, and I decided to start 2014 the way I mean to go on – with a little forgiveness. So…

January’s Floating Gallery will be late!

I’m going to open next Monday, January 6, and close it the following Monday on the 13th. 13 was always a lucky number for me, anyway!

This will give me time to finish a few of the half-dozen pieces that are almost but not quite ready to go, and to do the coding without going crosseyed.

This week, instead you’ll get a look at my Valentines for 2014! It’s already starting to be that time of year, believe it or not, and I’ve got 3 done and 2 more in the works.

Have a toast…

May all your surprises be good ones, all your efforts bear fruit, and all your experiments produce useful results. May the doctor always be there when you need him, may keen eyes see to the heart of you, and may the tentacles hug you in a non-devouring sort of way.

Happy 2014!

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