Holly the Organized Elf

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Holly the Organized Elf,  a comic commission for Beverly Army Williams by Amy Crook

Holly the Organized Elf, a comic commission
for Beverly Army Williams by Amy Crook

When Beverly approached me to draw her an Organized Elf, at first I had a totally different image in mind. But she sent me some great answers and with a little bit of googling, we got our mental images to match. Holly is the mascot for Beverly’s excellent year-long Organized Elf Project, helping to keep you as organized as she is from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Peace, not perfectionism!

Holly was really fun for me to draw, because I had carte blanche to put whatever oddities seemed to fit in her holiday kit. So, I decided on one of those fabric-lined craft project baskets, on which we put a lovely silver monogrammed plate, and then stuffed it with knitting, wintery fabric, sewing accessories, and even an emergency snowflake template. Because every elf has snowflake emergencies, right?

Beverly sent me the sweetest testimonial, which she’s letting me share with you:

“If we had worked together in person, in the same room, it would have looked something like this:

Me (waving hands in air): I see an elf. An elegant, swank elf. She’s organized. And pretty.

Amy: Here are ten questions to help you get more specific. I want to create your vision.

Me (studiously answers questions): Like this?

Amy: wonderful! (sketches) Does she look like your Organized Elf?

Me: You are amazing. She’s even better than I imagined. (hugs Amy. Kisses sketch.)

The reality is that we worked via email. Still, the process was that easy—I made some big sweeping statements about the ideas I had, Amy asked specific, thought-provoking questions, and from my answers, she sketched, inked, and colored a beautiful illustration that really is beyond what I imagined.

Amy’s professionalism is unparalleled; she meets (well ahead of time) the deadlines she set, and she is straightforward about what to expect. I can’t wait for another reason to work with her!”

If you’d like an illustration of your very own, email me to get started!

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