Deep in the Middle Twilight

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

Deep in the Middle Twilight, 12″x6″ watercolor on paper

This fanciful painting is also a foot wide, but a mere six inches tall! Thick, textured watercolor gives us a deep ocean current on which floats a plethora sea life. Well, and a ghost.

The watery backdrop is a deep matte teal, while the sea life all sparkles and shines, much like the actual creatures that live in the Twilight Zone (not the tv show). The giant squid waves hello from off to the left, our little ghost meditates on the right, and both tropical fish and jellyfish dance through the rest of the space.

This art would be a fun addition to any room, a little spark of whimsy to brighten up any space.

Deep in the Middle Twilight, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see our little green ghostie shining brightly from the strength of its own spirit. Below, I’ve badly stuck this in a temporary frame to show how big it is — a larger frame will do it better justice once you’ve got it home!

Deep in the Middle Twilight, framed art by Amy Crook

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