Whispering Gremlin for Jo VanEvery

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Whispering Gremlin by Amy Crook, commission for Jo VanEvery

Whispering Gremlin by Amy Crook,
commission for Jo VanEvery
all rights reserved

When Jo VanEvery came to me asking if I would help create an illustration for her presentation in November, I was excited to draw something new. We went back and forth on just what a gremlin looked like, and we ended up with this little green guy whispering wicked self-doubt into the ear of his human.

This naughty boy likes to undermine his human’s confidence and sow the seeds of indecision, especially in grad students.

Since this is a commissioned piece, all rights are reserved, and it may not be reposted or reused anywhere, except by Jo, of course. Thanks!

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