Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Anima, detail, by Amy Crook

Anima, 3″x3″ photo etching on 5″x5″ watercolor paper

This is another print, this time a photo etching that uses a photograph I took of the model I painted in tiger stripes. As far as I know he never did get the tattoo, but I really enjoyed having the stripey version of him to use for my art.

I printed these in an edition of 5, and I have 3 left, though one of them’s got some decorative fingerprints in the whitespace. I mixed up a rich velvety purple ink and printed onto a very soft, thick watercolor paper, and the result is an image that has a certain glow about it as the details fuzz into each other just a little. The shadows are thick but his hair still glows in a cascade of curls where the light hits it.

Anima by Amy Crook, 1/5

Anima by Amy Crook, 1/5

These prints are on thick, soft paper that will require a matte or frame to display.

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