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Animal Instincts

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Animal Instincts by Amy Crook

Animal Instincts by Amy Crook

Photo etching is an interesting process where you start with a photograph, have film negatives made, and then use that to control exposure of a light-sensitive material to, well, light. Then it’s done like normal etching, except the parts where the light hit are more solid, so they don’t dissolve, and you’re left with the positive image eaten away, all ready to take ink.

My model at the time asked to have his back painted to try out his idea for a tiger stripes tattoo, so I got ink and a sumi-e brush and painted him up and took photos. I’ve had a chance to use those images for several things, including this piece.

Animal Instincts, 3″x3″ photo etching, $199 with free shipping.

This was printed in an edition of 26, of which I still have 4 + 1 with tea stains (oops).

These prints are on thick watercolor paper, but aren’t really suitable for display as is. I’m happy to frame it for you for a wee extra fee, though.

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Anima, detail, by Amy Crook

Anima, 3″x3″ photo etching on 5″x5″ watercolor paper

This is another print, this time a photo etching that uses a photograph I took of the model I painted in tiger stripes. As far as I know he never did get the tattoo, but I really enjoyed having the stripey version of him to use for my art.

I printed these in an edition of 5, and I have 3 left, though one of them’s got some decorative fingerprints in the whitespace. I mixed up a rich velvety purple ink and printed onto a very soft, thick watercolor paper, and the result is an image that has a certain glow about it as the details fuzz into each other just a little. The shadows are thick but his hair still glows in a cascade of curls where the light hits it.

Anima by Amy Crook, 1/5

Anima by Amy Crook, 1/5

These prints are on thick, soft paper that will require a matte or frame to display.

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