Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Dichotomies by Amy Crook

Dichotomies, 4″x6″ etchings on watercolor paper

This print uses two small etching plates together in composition. The large plate was a piece of the same found plate from yesterday’s art, and the small plate is one of my series of smaller plates for use in larger pieces, which you can see was inked in two different colors and printed over the darker plate. I’m more pleased with the final result on this one, I think, but I like the contrast between the two pieces.

You can see how the natural deckle edge from a larger sheet of watercolor paper forms the bottom, where the hand-torn edges give character to the other three sides. I was always a bit careless about the process of breaking down the bigger sheets, so this, like many of my prints, isn’t really a perfect rectangle.

Because of the way the composition was created out of several different hand-inked and hand-placed plates, it’s one of a kind.

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