Absinthe Snape

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Absinthe Snape by Amy Crook

Absinthe Snape by Amy Crook

A while back I did some silly doodles as gifts for online friends, and this one ended quite polished. I think it was the absinthe glass, which just wanted a level of fine detail to go with its fine contents, plus the style was just fun to draw. There’s just something about drawing Snape that’s engaging for me, with his unrelenting black clothes and scowling face and big nose.

I’ve never actually tried absinthe myself — I have a friend that’s a big fan of it since it got re-legalized (something about lead pipes driving people crazy rather than wormwood), but he never manages to pony up and give me some to try. Perhaps this year I’ll make it to his absinthe bar at Dickens Faire in SF.

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