Monday, August 30th, 2010

Torn by Amy Crook

Torn by Amy Crook

This is another large monoprint that involves many layers of paper and ink. I had originally done the face as part of a larger figure, but wasn’t happy with the result, so I tore up the sheet of paper to make more interesting shapes and re-used parts of it in the top layer of this print. The red is actually all ink rather than another sheet of paper, a large printing plate covered in it. The bottom shape was layered with the torn paper under the ink, and then on top another layer of paper and ink was laid down, this time with large sheets of acetate for the medium rather than a plate.

These prints are all one of a kind, and I no longer have access to the press I did them on, so they’re not something I can make again. Each one involves a unique process of things coming together, ink and ideas, paper stock and plates, to create an individual work of art.

Torn, 22.5″x31″ monoprint and chine collé on imported handmade and watercolor paper, $499 with free shipping.

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