Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Gate by Amy Crook

Gate by Amy Crook

It’s been many years since I did much printing, but I still remember the smell of the different inks and the strange and interesting results that could come from just inking up a plate and seeing what happened when I ran it through the press.

This piece was made with a 3″x3″ square of acrylic, edges smoothed down to keep it from cutting right through the paper. Then I hand-inked the blank plate with water-based monoprint inks, which always reminded me a bit of finger paint in consistency. Each resulting print is one of a kind, so though the transfer from plate to paper is similar to intaglio, no two monoprints are ever alike.

This particular image reminds me of a cave or gateway into somewhere mysterious, with that bit of a glow among the stalactites at the top, and a very spiky path ahead.

Gate, 3″x3″, monoprint on watercolor paper.

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