Blue Square

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Blue Square by Amy Crook

Blue Square by Amy Crook

I have never managed to successfully take a photograph that captures the color and texture of this painting. It’s a sad sort of blue-grey, but with a gentle glow of hope in the upper left that keeps it from being depressing. There’s a lot of subtle color changes and textures, and I’ve finished the edges with Payne’s Gray, which has helped to set off the small details and changes in colour.

This painting’s story isn’t so much the story of it being painted one day in a fit of melancholy and creatitivty, as it is the way it’s travelled with me through the years. Right now it’s hanging on the wall above my antique secretary, with smudges on the wall from where I painted the sides last month (my poor landlords, I console myself that I don’t plan to move for several years yet). It’s lived in many apartments, sometimes hanging, sometimes not, but it’s always held a special place for me as an abstract that, while having no discernible figures or features, still manages to convey something to the viewer.

Blue Square, 20″x20″ oil on canvas, $699 with free shipping.

The edges of this canvas have been finished in deep blue-grey, making it suitable for hanging as is. I’m always happy to help you by framing it for a wee little fee, if that’s your preference.

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2 Responses to “Blue Square”

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  1. Beautiful! I love thinking of this piece traveling with you over the years, a faithful companion and witness to your life stories. 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you! I’ve got a few pieces like that, and a few more that first traveled in one form and then got repainted or added to more recently.