At First Sight

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

At First Sight by Amy Crook

At First Sight by Amy Crook

I went through a period where I was fascinated with the idea of the chakras, and I did several monoprints related to them. This one uses the colors are all of the lower chakras to make flame, and the symbols for the 2nd and 6th chakras, desire and the third eye.

Our culture has a whole myth of “love at first sight” that I’ve never really bought into — I think that what you get at first sight comes from somewhere else, though it might eventually be pulled upward into the realms of the heart. At first sight all you get is a visual, some social cues from dress and superficial action, and no idea of what the person is really like inside. This piece reflects that idea, that we expect to see into them with our third eye, when really we’re seeing with our sacral instincts, desire and wanting rather than the love that comes from accepting a person’s flaws as well as their really nice body.

At First Sight, 2″x6″ monoprint on 6.5″x9″ watercolor paper, $299 with free shipping.

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